Welcome to the Faculty of Business and Economics Universitas Islam Indonesia (FBE UII). Find your place to study with the pioneer of higher education in Indonesia and seize the opportunity to increase your potential in business and economics to address future global challenges.

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Education at the Faculty of Business and Economics at UII does not merely increase your capacity with a set of knowledge about business and economics but is also supported by a character building and empowerment based on Islamic values and the noble traditions of the Indonesian culture.

Improving student skills is also an inseparable part of the learning process at FE UII to provide students with effective communication skills, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills.

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The first national university in Indonesia

When you join Universitas Islam Indonesia, you will find a unique learning experience that combines cutting-edge science in a wide range courses with the implementation of Islamic values to develop good ethical conduct, integrity, and maximize your utmost potential. Get a degree across the broadest possible range of disciplines offered at UII. It is time to pursue your dreams.

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at Condongcatur Campus

Find a comfortable and conducive learning atmosphere on campus supported by complete and modern lecture facilities, as well as a variety of student extracurricular activities to develop your talents and interests.

Explore Yogyakarta,
Your Second Home

FBE UII campus in Condongcatur is located near the city center in Yogyakarta, making it easier for you to access various places and public services in this beautiful city with strong cultural traditions and unique people hospitality.

Ruang Gagasan, The Idea Room

Supported by diverse expertise, our faculty members are active in sharing ideas and knowledge through many research projects and continuously increasing contributions to the society through community services and da’wa programs

Sharia marketing:
What’s the difference with the conventional models

Hendy Mustiko Aji, Lecturer in Marketing Management

Epistemological concept of sharia marketing is sharia-driven, oriented to meet the needs and desires of consumers and create value for them as long as there is no conflict with the main sources in Islam, namely the Qur’an and Hadith. This marketing model is expected to contribute in maintaining ethics and morals, thereby encouraging the creation of a inclusive (universal) fair market.

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FE UII Berkomitmen Tingkatkan Sumberdaya Manusia

FE UII Berkomitmen Tingkatkan Sumberdaya Manusia

Di masa sekarang, kehidupan kita tidak pernah terlepas dari teknologi. Hal ini menimbulkan adanya perubahan yang  terjadi secara terus-menerus seiring...
Bangun Potensi Diri, Siap Merintis Karier

Bangun Potensi Diri, Siap Merintis Karier

Persaingan di dunia kerja saat ini memang sangat ketat. Seperti yang kita ketahui walaupun tengah menyandang gelar Sarjana, hal tersebut...
Business Expo 2019: Bantu Kembangkan Ide Bisnis Mahasiswa

Business Expo 2019: Bantu Kembangkan Ide Bisnis Mahasiswa

Tahun ini, Program Studi Manajemen Fakultas Ekonomi UII menggandeng Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan Manajemen (HMJM) FE UII dalam menggelar acara Business...
Double Degree Program

Double degree programs connect the education programs at the Faculty of Business and Economics of UII with our leading partner universities in Australia, the Netherlands and South Korea. It is time to pursue your opportunity to earn double degrees from UII and partner universities with shorter study periods.

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