International Students
International Program at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Islam Indonesia (IPFE UII) was established in 1996 and became
the first international program for undergraduate degree in Business and Economics studies in Indonesia.
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Study Business and Economics at UII
Undergraduate programs at FE UII offered both in regular program (Bahasa Indonesia) and International Program (English). As for postgraduate degrees are delivered in regular classes with Bahasa Indonesia as the language of instruction.
How do I improve my Indonesian language skills?
If you are interested in attending the regular program, you must have a fluent communication skills, both oral and written, using Indonesian language. UII provides BIPA program to help you learn Indonesian language before starting your first semester.
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Joint Degree
We offer you joint degree program with some of our best international partner institutions.
This degree option is available for undergraduate programs.
Semester Exchange Program
Get the opportunities to study abroad for a semester in a credited exchange program.
This program is available for undergraduate programs.
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International Office
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