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Teaching Collaboration
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As a commitment to participate actively in the development and dissemination of science and technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia continues to encourage research facilitated through various laboratories and research centres. You can join our experts in developing joint research and use shared resources to produce progress and novelty in science and technology that can provide extensive benefits to society and the world.

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Universitas Islam Indonesia open up opportunities for professors and experts from partner institutions to collaborate with us in nurturing and developing young minds at UII and contribute to the wider community through various activities such as public lectures, community development, or other training programs.

This opportunity is not only open to academics, but also for professionals in business and industry, as well as government officials both at the regional, national and international level.


UII also continue to encourage lecturers to improve their quality of teaching through various training for capacity building and supporting the international teaching collaboration program. This program is organized every year through a competitive grant scheme that may be submitted by UII faculty to be able to carry out lectures in collaboration with professors from our international partners.